cris williamson in concert

Cris Williamson in Concert

Cris Williamson

Cris will perform in the Commons Multi-Purpose room at 2:00pm.


Cris is a pioneer in music, artistry, and activism. Decades before indie labels were the norm, and years before women had any real access to the industry, Cris Williamson was busy changing the face of popular music. Cris was instrumental in the creation of Olivia Records in the 1970s and later formed her own label, Wolf Moon Records.

Her music and voice became the soundtrack of a movement, and was the cornerstone of what would become known as “women’s music,” music created, performed, and marketed specifically to women.

The first time I heard Cris’ music, it was like hearing honey dripped on a cello… Cris has been a whole lot of women’s heroes — including mine.         ~Bonnie Raitt
Change and the Changer



During a time when few who were not connected to the Lesbian community were aware of Gay and Lesbian issues, Williamson’s music and insight served as a catalyst for change. Her lyrics appear on a regular basis in books and thesis papers. Her albums are part of the curriculum for women’s studies courses, and thousands of people who may not even know her name join their voices in “Song of the Soul” around campfires and places of worship.

The Changer and the Changed remains one of the best-selling independent releases of all time.

Click here to hear a sampling of Cris’ music.