About us

Yachats Pride celebrates the free expression of gender, culture and sexual orientation of LGBT people and their Allies by hosting fun and educational events that celebrate diversity and help to eradicate discrimination and violence based on gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

2017 Pride Royal Court

~ and duties enumerated therein
Helen Helen Anderson
& Grant Writer
Carl Carl Miller
Bette Bette Perman
& Two-Spirit Event Coordinator

Celia Celia August
Support Agency Coordinator
& Resource Guide
jo Jo Crooks
Meredith Meredith Howell
Thank You’s,
& Volunteer Coordinator
Caroline Caroline Bauman
Dinner Entertainment
& Performer
sherwood Sherwood Heineman
Interior Design
& Host
linda Linda Hetzler
Feeding the masses
sandy Sandy Dunn

The Yachats Pride steering committee was begun in September 2016 with a mission to start an annual Pride event in Yachats each June. Polly Plumb Productions and the Friends of Yachats Commons are sponsors of the event, with Polly Plumb acting as fiscal agent.

PPP LogoPolly Plumb Productions is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization founded in 2015 by Burgundy Featherkile and Linda Hetzler. PPP produces diverse, artistic, colorful, whimsical, musical, and intelligent arts and cultural programming that embraces and reflects the inclusive and eclectic nature of our Yachatian residents and visitors.

Yachats Pride 2017 is funded through grants, sponsorships, individual donations, and in-kind services and products. We are grateful for your interest and support.

Pride is for everyone!

To contact us, please email info@yachatspride.org.